2021 SILGA resolutions will be debated at the 2021 SILGA AGM with full debate taking place on April 28th starting around 11:30 am. If you would like to amend any of the resolutions, please send the amendment via the SILGA email (

Please note that only emergent issue resolutions will be accepted as a late resolution.


Background material for 2021 resolutions:

Lillooet resolutions                                                                               Merritt ATVs during snow events

Oliver Long term care homes                                                                Sicamous Aquatic invasive species enforcement

Oliver Extreme weather response shelters                                              Sicamous Asian clams

Oliver Primary care network

Oliver Residential Tenancy Act


For information on how to properly write a resolution please click on the link:

Resolutions not received by February 26th will be considered late resolutions and must go through the following procedures to be considered at the AGM.

Late Resolutions 

Late resolutions may only be introduced if received by the Resolutions Committee Chair at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the commencement of an Annual Meeting. Only emergent resolutions of a regional nature received after the deadline will be considered for acceptance by the resolution committee.  Submissions must include the rationale as to why the resolution would be considered emergent. 

Please click here for the AGM rules and procedures handbook.




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